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Welcome to our Monthly Webinars page. Each topic presented is based on current and relevant issues. Please feel free to follow the registration link to register for the webinar that you would like to attend. 

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November/December 2017

  • Attendance - Mass Change Attendance
    For office staff responsible for managing attendance. This session introduces users to an alternative to the traditional mass change attendance. This is a district wide switch that allows school specific jobs to be saved, reused, and setup to run automatically. It allows period attendance schools to benefit from adding all day codes that can be used with existing Synergy reports to quickly find student 10 day drops. 
  • Grade Book - Creating a Report Card Comment Bank - Custom RC Users
    For custom report card users only. Steps for creating and using a comment bank for report cards.
  • Grade Book - Term Weighted Grades - Synergy RC User
    For synergy report card users only. Specific to teachers who post term weighted marks.
  • Grading - Getting Ready for Report Cards
    For staff responsible for report cards. Walk through the processes needed to allow teachers to post grades. Use the reports to be sure all grades have been posted. Update absences, GPAs, and course history.
  • Graduation Requirements - Course Subject Area Overrides
    For staff responsible for managing graduation requirements. Learn how to enable this new feature and add subject area overrides in the student course history view.
  • Health - Entering & Updating Medications
    For health staff. Learn to enter and update recurring medications and adjust remaining units.
  • Health - Entering Immunization Exemptions
    For health staff. Learn to correctly add an exemption for individual immunizations or globally for all immunizations.
  • Quick Finds (Student)
    Use quick find from the student view to quickly pull student data to use in a query or work with in Excel. Explore ways to look through data to verify accuracy. Set a filter to work with a specific group of students.