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We included contact information for the various departments here at ETC. If you have questions regarding a specific service or department, please feel free to contact us directly. Our fax number is (928) 523-8901.


ETC Administration                                                  

  Claire Nyce, (928) 523-7115 Executive Director
  Robin Cook, (928) 523-9037 Support Specialist

ETC State Reporting Coordinator

  Robert Dohm Coordinator

APSCC Finance

(928) 523-5564

Support E-mail


Cynthia Samuel

Manager Financial Services

  Sara Shafor Support Specialist, Sr.
  Cecilia Selna Support Specialist, Sr.
  Timothy Richards Application Systems Analyst Sr.

Networking Services

(928) 523-8489
Support E-mail
  Bryan Watson Networking Manager
  Greg Letscher Network Systems Engineer
  Brian Velde Systems Integration Engineer Sr.
  Jamie Langdon Support Specialist, Sr.

School Services

(928) 523-4949
Support E-mail
  Judith Dumas School Services Manager
  Jesse Terry Application Systems Analyst
  Lori Lins Support Specialist, Sr.
  Marcy Young Support Specialist, Sr.
  Wynette Birecki Business Analyst

Dedicated Staff