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Synergy Documentation & Updates

Synergy Documentation and Queries

Current Synergy 2018.01 Issues and Updates

Current version is 2018.01 AZ e. Update to 2018.01 AZ f is planned for June.

Important! Planned Security Changes for July!

ETC is in the process of implementing security changes to protect your data. There are a number of areas that are routinely monitored and updated in the background environment. After reviewing security settings in Synergy, we have found front-end settings that should be improved. We understand that it may cause some staff frustration in the short term; however, it is a small inconvenience to ensure the security of your data.

We will be pushing out the following minimum security settings for passwords to all ETC support clients in early July. This change will require that all users reset their passwords using these requirements at the next login after the changes are made. If your district uses a stricter standard than those listed here, the stricter standard will be left in place.

  • Number of invalid login attempts before user is disabled: 5
  • Force uniqueness of passwords up to X historical passwords: 3
  • Number of days before password expires: 90
  • Require both alpha and numeric characters to exist in the password: Yes
  • Minimum password length: 8

The above changes will not affect your users who are authenticating via LDAP.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the changes, feel free to contact us at any time.

Corrections in 2018.01 f Update

  • Attendance - ATD402 now outputs correctly to CSV or Excel (2018.01 AZ a)
  • Enrollment - Unique Key Constraint Error when transferring a student corrected. (2018.01 AZ e)
  • Health - Students with ADA/ADM values other than blank now are included on the medication and service monitor.
  • ParentVUE - User ID created through online registration is no longer is removed when running create parent activation keys.
  • Person Search - Error when selecting student for previous year student corrected.
  • Student Data Merge - Error when merging student records created through online registration corrected.

New in 2018.01 AZ f Update

  • Online Registration - Ability to impersonate parent for online registration. From the parent view, click on ppen ParentVUE as parent. Select the registration tab.
  • Online Registration - Birthplace added to student demographics module. (2018.01 AZ b)
  • Online Registration - Ability to restrict parents from editing another parent’s data. Option located in online registration setup within the parent/guardian module. (2018.01 AZ d)
  • Online Registration - Electronic signature now visible on parent | online registration tab. (2018.01 AZ b)
  • Transcripts - Student transcript options have added option to display summer withdrawal date.

Current Outstanding Issues

  • Adding mass email attachment clears options and extra filters tabs. Correction in development at Edupoint. Work-around: add attachment first, then enter the information on the options and extra filters tabs.

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