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Networking Services
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We provide outsourced networking support for schools and districts. This includes end-to-end communication between rooms, buildings, sites, and districts as well as the Internet. ETC services promote productive communication by ensuring best practices in the deployment of your technology and through proactive management of your systems.

Technology for Education is all ETC does. We are not spread thin supporting 'retail' clients, but still deliver nearly a century of combined experience in technology.

Cost Effective, Expert Support

The days of having to have onsite management and administration are over with the advent of remote connectivity and management capabilities. ETC’s staff members are experts in utilizing these remote tools to provide you complete support. But, for those times when having a technician onsite is required, ETC is there too. ETC is equipped to travel to locations throughout the state of Arizona.
All this amounts to substantial cost savings for you in long-term maintenance as well as cost savings by maximizing the effectiveness of your current systems and data infrastructure. You'll also benefit from additional savings from increased productivity through less downtime and better control of your technology. Members using ETC have realized greater returns from their technology through ETC's thorough understanding of the proper use and place of technology in the education arena.

Internet Efficiencies, Performance & Security

ETC can preserve the investment in your Internet connection by analyzing your traffic flows and patterns and then deploying traffic shaping, monitoring, and other controls, to improve the performance and efficiency of your connections. By isolating non-appropriate use of your resources, ETC can help implement measures to minimize the impact to your connection, preserving precious bandwidth for productive education and business use.
ETC can also provide guidance in establishing and enforcing your Acceptable Use Policies and other regulations for the proper use of your technology.
With our in-depth knowledge of current security practices we can also secure your network from outside hackers and inside curiosity, by deploying firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and other access controls. ETC will help make sure your data and systems are protected.

Technical Assistance

We complement your existing systems with solutions from Citrix, NetApp, Microsoft, and other industry leaders for email, scheduling, databases, data warehousing, remote desktop, and file and print sharing. We also support schools with UNIX and LINUX type solutions for email, scheduling, databases, data warehousing, remote desktop, and file and print sharing.

To accomplish these goals we can provide data warehousing, wireless communication, DSL, T1, T3, OC3, satellite, VSAT, load balancing, content switching, caching, content filtering, email services, 24/7 network monitoring, remote management, E-Rate, technology planning, server maintenance, switching, and routing maintenance as well as network architecture.

Engineering, Design & Architecture Services

We will plan and design school network systems and services to meet your needs. We will meet with your IT departments and key users to assess your present and future needs. We then can design and install, using best practices, the network and systems that solve your technology problems and enable the best experience for your users, including power back-up facilities that will provide you with uninterrupted communications when the grid power is down.

ETC will engineer and install Internet connectivity utilizing a wide range of available services. We can also design your main network and data facilities for optimum use -- with raised floors, power, fiber, copper, and wireless communications. We can provide project management services for the construction of any new facilities and we'll take care of both the installation and the long-term maintenance.

A Few of Our Tech Services...

Networking Support

Design, install, and maintain a complete network for your site. This includes:

  • Installation and upgrades
  • Performance monitoring
  • Electronic Mail configuration and support
  • Virus protection at server and workstations
  • Internet connectivity
  • Data storage and backup management
  • Converged services 

Internet Services

We provide a full range of services for connecting to the Internet, including:

  • Software development, training, and support
  • Hardware set-up and configuration
  • Planning assistance and interface with the telco and Internet
  • Service Provider
  • Email services
  • Internet content filtering
  • Web and FTP hosting
  • Name Server/DNS

ETC Technology Partners

We offer our members the most reliable, respected, and up-to-date technology, software, and hardware. In order to assure the highest quality products, we partner with companies like:

Microsoft is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation. ETC is a licensed Microsoft dealer.