About ETC

Man using a laptopEducation Technology Consortium (ETC) is a cooperative that consists of public school districts, charter schools, county school superintendents, and Northern Arizona University. We were established in 1974, originating from directives from the Arizona Department of Education and have evolved into the efficient organization we are today.

The Consortium, authorized by a Cooperative Purchasing Agreement, employs an Executive Director and over a dozen highly skilled technical support staff members who provide you with training, customer support, and assistance wherever necessary. Our executive board consists of member schools and districts, and we encourage each member of ETC to provide input and ideas, participate in setting our goals and objectives, and assist in determining costs. The outcome is a shared pool of knowledge, expertise, and resources from which every member benefits.

When founded in 1974, we were known as APSCC (Arizona Public Schools' Computer Consortium), but we changed our name to ETC in 2005 to better reflect our rapidly expanding geographic services. Districts in every state require what ETC provides—from network support, ASP services, internet and email to technology support.