School Services

Students in a computer labOur Student Information Services division can provide you with full support for all your student information needs. A sampling of what you can expect from us includes:

  • Unlimited telephone support
  • On-site training for new modules, staff replacement, refreshers
  • System administration, setup, maintenance, security, and software updates
  • Direct access to your school's data via remote desktop tools so that we see what you see
  • Complete AzEDs reporting support by acknowledged Synergy AzEDs experts

Benefits to Your School

There are many reasons why becoming a part of the ETC consortium will benefit you and your district. First of all, we will become your central point of contact for all your student information services. No more spending hours or days tracking down the information and answers you need because we're just a phone call away. You'll also benefit from the economies of scale that are created when the services needed by many schools are aggregated, saving you money and contributing to a large knowledge base. And, because of our association with Northern Arizona University, you receive access to state contract pricing and other resources.