Technology Services

Below is just a sampling of some of the services our networking, computer, internet, and communications experts can provide. If you are a small or rural district who has found it difficult to provide the level of technology support you'd like to deliver to your teachers, students, and staff, ETC can solve those problems for you.

Network & Computer Services

Server Support

ETC support is also available for Windows Servers, Web Servers, Domain Controllers, Active Directory, and third-party server software. ETC will support your various servers and the functions they provide.

Exchange Server

Assistance is available for Microsoft Exchange Email Servers. ETC can install, configure, and maintain your Exchange Server, as well as host your Exchange Server in our secured data facilities.

LAN Internet Support & Maintenance

The most important aspect of effective network systems is maintaining connections to your mission critical functions. This is achieved through ETC's assistance from the ground up. From designing your network to thorough analysis of existing networks to resolve ongoing connectivity problems, ETC can help you. We can also design and then provide continuing support for everything.

Wireless LAN

Use our experience in installing wireless network connections to help determine the appropriateness of a wireless LAN or WAN. We will also provide assistance in the installation of this topography.

Virus Scanning (McAfee)

Keep your computers virus free by utilizing the ETC licensing agreement with McAfee virus scanning software. ETC provides the most current virus solutions to protect systems from the latest virus attacks. Optionally, use the McAfee Virus ePolicy Orchestrator to keep all computers in your network environment current and safe from virus infections. ePolicy provides centralized and automated deployment and updating of clients. Virus licensing includes the use of the software on home computers as well.

Web Filtering

Meet legally mandated internet content filtering requirements using our hosted content filtering systems. Our filters provide aggressive control over objectionable or illegal material. Schools and districts can decide to allow or disallow sites as they see fit in order to meet the needs of their organization while still protecting students. ETC can also assist with your existing filter to ensure it is functioning properly and providing the best protection.

Web Hosting

Web hosting space can be provided on the ETC web server, centrally located in Flagstaff, on NAU's high-speed network. Web pages can be maintained remotely through web development software for the school district sites. Web hosting can be set up locally with the assistance of the ETC Networking staff.

Email Accounts (Virus Scanned, Spam Filtering)

Email accounts provided through ETC's email server are available to members. POP3 or IMAP (preferred) interfaces are provided along with a webmail interface to be able to access ETC email from anywhere an internet browser is available. All incoming and outgoing email for the ETC email server is scanned by our Barracuda system. Customized SPAM filtering is also available to all ETC email accounts.

Hosted Exchange Email

ETC will host your Exchange Email Server in our secured data facilities, utilizing NAU’s high speed internet connections. You can have the full functions of Exchange, such as calendaring and public folders, available from anywhere you might be at any time you might desire; all this with expert proactive management and maintenance of your system. ETC will respond quickly and efficiently to your requests for administrative changes or use ETC’s self-service portal for hosted Exchange to add and remove accounts yourself if you want to retain those functions.

Internet Access

ETC has years of experience engineering and implementing internet access for schools and districts. We can utilize the best available service in your area to enable fast and stable internet connectivity.ETC also works with you to configure inbound access to your in-house systems as required with attention to the security of your networks and data. ETC provides ongoing support and management of your connection as well, keeping your connection fast and reliable.

Domain Name Hosting

ETC provides domain establishment and hosting for domain names desired by school districts and schools. We have provided hosting for the domain as well as .org domains to provide school districts with shorter, more meaningful domain names. Email and web pages hosting associated with these domain names can be provided by ETC.

Computer Lab Setup and Maintenance

ETC can standardize your Computer Lab setups through recommended standardization of equipment and storage of workstation disk images for quick recovery from computer crashes, vandalism, or hacker and virus attacks. Initial setup and Lab environment will include planning for this type of support and recovery.

Technology Consulting & Auditing

Utilize ETC's years of comprehensive networking experience when planning your networks and systems. ETC staff will visit your site for an initial consultation in setting up your network. We also provide this invaluable on-site service for diagnosing and solving any network problems you may be experiencing. ETC often serves as a neutral third party in resolving problems with multiple vendors.

ETC’s extensive experience in Education Technology can help you regain control and bring your technology back into productive service with our popular Technology Audits. ETC’s experts will investigate and discover your network and systems, workflows, user perceptions, even staffing and job functions. A comprehensive report is tailored to your requirements and delivered along with personal assistance in understanding what needs to be done and how. ETC then can provide the guidance, management, and skills to transform your technology back into the mission-critical tool is has to be.