Client Testimonials

District, charters, and superintendents across the state have discovered the benefits of outsourcing at least some part of their technology needs to those whose focus of expertise is on keeping abreast of the rapidly evolving field of Information Technology (IT). In fact, Jeanne Hayes, president of Quality Education Data, a market research firm owned by Scholastic said, "At least half of all schools are now outsourcing some part of their technology effort because of the costs associated with running and staffing IT departments." This is exactly what ETC is focused upon, but you don't have to take our word for it. Here's what a few of our members have to say:

"I have been employed by the Yuma County School Superintendent for almost thirteen years. ETC was and still is the consortium that the school districts belong to. During my time with the County, the staff of ETC have always been available to help and solve our problems. We can always call them and get an answer almost immediately, whether it be a finance question or problems with hardware. I've even gotten help with problems that aren't related to the school districts. The staff are always friendly and will always take the time to help us. I would recommend ETC to anyone for their services and products."

- Carolyn Marquez, School Office Administrator
Yuma County School Superintendent's Office

"ETC has been the single most important key to our district getting SIRS and SAIS successfully implemented. Their staff is friendly, responsive, and knowledgeable about all aspects of SIRS. We have called with the simplest of user problems, to the most complex SAIS problems, and all of our issues have been resolved. We place a high value on accurate SAIS reporting, and have ended the past two school years reconciling our records to SAIS with 100% accuracy. We simply could not achieve that without the expertise of ETC. They also have a great conference every year where users can get the real information they need to go back and do their jobs successfully. If you're going to use SIRS, there's no better technical support than ETC."

- Denyce Cribbs, Data Manager
Parker Unified School District #27

"The Lake Havasu Unified School District #1 has a long-standing relationship with the Education Technology Consortium. As Director of Business Services for the School District for the past four years, I have had the chance to work closely with the staff of ETC, most recently during the transition to new financial software, BiTech. Throughout this process, the staff at ETC, under the direction of Richard McKay, has continually made themselves available to provide training and to answer questions at a moment's notice. It has been my experience that if a problem cannot be solved by one member of the ETC team, someone else on the staff will take on the challenge and will almost always come up with a solution. Like most school districts in Arizona, Lake Havasu Unified School District #1 is doing a great deal of work with a small staff. It is hard to imagine getting the information we need, and generating the reports that are required, without the assistance of the Education Technology Consortium."

- Elaine E. Wood, Director of Business Services
Lake Havasu Unified School District #1

"ETC has been the life saver for Antelope Union High School. With our limited resources, they have helped us improve the technology available to our students. I have yet to find a problem that they can not help me solve and always in a timely fashion. If it were not for ETC, Antelope Union High School would be years behind in technology relating to servers and networks. They also provide a sense of security through the Web filtering service, helping us assure that our student will be receiving the information they need without all the other garbage that is available. ETC is, without a doubt, a vital resource for our small school district."

-Allen Hill, Counselor & Technical Coordinator
Antelope Union District

"ETC is the technology consortium that the school districts in Yuma County belong to. The financial staff and the technical support staff have always been able to answer our questions, almost immediately. If they do not know the answer they work on the problem until they find a solution. They have always gone beyond their duties for their clients. ETC staff is always friendly and courteous."

- Irma M. Merino
Yuma County School Supt. Office

"The ETC is always ready and willing to help with questions, concerns or adding new features that fit our schools needs. In only a year we are able to breeze through the SIRS system with minimal assistance. They keep us updated with new versions of the SIRS program, performing tests on the upgrades prior to sending to us for use. This has saved us a great deal of time and effort problem solving errors after the upgrade. The staff at ETC keeps us informed of changes within the Department of Education that affect our school and sends friendly reminders via email of upcoming due dates. Thanks to Claire, our understanding of the program has helped us to do our SAIS submissions on a consistent basis with fewer errors, eliminating funding issues. In addition to on-line or phone support, ETC has come to our school to train the staff on the areas of SIRS that they use and hosts a conference each year offering seminars on features of the SIRS program. I would highly recommend attending whether you are a support client of ETC or MIG. Thank you, ETC staff. I wouldn't want to do this without you!"

- Vicky Hogenes, Administrative Specialist
Horizon Community Learning Center